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Our Story

We Made Drinks started whilst we were studying at the University of Southampton. In the final year of our business degrees, we were set the task of starting a business for one of our modules. After much discussion, we decided to have a go at making refreshing lemonade in our student house on Granby Grove.

We bought all the ingredients, mixed up a batch, bottled our lemonade and pitched up a stall on the University campus. Our first batch of 160 bottles was a huge hit and sold out in just a few hours! Our zesty lemonade received some great feedback, therefore leaving us with only one option when we graduated, to continue making our lemonade!

A lot has happened since we made our first batch. We have added three more flavours, improved our recipes, and our drinks are now widely available throughout the UK.

As we started at University, our 'Make It Big' scheme aims to run events for other young entrepreneurs and start ups to network and help their ideas grow.